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Biblical Counseling is the process where the Bible, God’s Word, is related individually to a person or persons who are struggling under the weight of personal sin and/or the difficulties with suffering. This person might genuinely experience a heart changed based on the truth of scripture and realign their lives according to the truths they have learned, to live a God-honoring life.

This definition is based on three important beliefs.

First, we believe that the Bible, given by God, is sufficient for life in that, when properly interpreted, it reveals to the believer all the data necessary for one to understand his need for Christ, how he can please the Lord, and how to live in a god-honoring way regardless of the circumstances whether comfortable or oppressive.

Second, the Bible is also the authoritative source with which all truth claims–including claims made by science and history–must be evaluated. As a result, we reject all counseling theories that use presuppositions, principles, and/or methodologies that are inconsistent with the proper interpretation of the biblical text.

Third, we believe that genuine heart change is totally dependent on the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
Thus, our view of counseling practice includes the importance of prayer, dependence on God, a thorough knowledge of the Word of God, and an understanding of ministering to people.

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