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Conflict in our lives is unavoidable. As Christians, we are called to handle conflict differently than the world. We believe that God’s Word is authoritative and  sufficient for all aspects of life, which includes conflict.

Sometimes conflict is a result of sin as shown in James 4:1-3. When parties are unable to resolve their conflict, Living Hope’s Reconciliation Ministry is available to help guide them through God’s Word and help reach a biblical resolution.

If a biblical resolution is not reached, God has given the church authority to handle such matters in accordance with 1 Corinthians 6:1. By using the Reconciliation Ministry to help resolve disputes, it enables us to comply with God’s Word. This can also save on time, stress, and money.

The Reconciliation Ministry, a conflict resolution ministry, is here to serve you.

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Buy brand name provigil, Buy provigil in uk

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