Frequently Asked Question

  • How can conflict be used?
    Conflict, in and of itself, is neither good nor bad. However, it has the potential for good or bad. When we appropriately manage conflict, we not only resolve issues, but use it as an opportunity to grow and become Christ-like. When we model peace in the midst of conflict, it bears witness to Christ in our lives.
  • What is the reconciliation process?
    Reconciliation is the church’s process of using trained Christian mediators to aid parties in conflict towards biblical resolution.
  • What do you mean by neutral, objective facilitators?
    The facilitators are neutral towards the parties, but not neutral towards God’s Word. They guide the parties in God’s Word, the ultimate authority by which parties are encouraged to operate.
  • Who are the mediators?
    The mediators are selected leaders of the church who have a passion for helping people resolve conflict biblically and are trained and experienced in conflict resolution. Our mediators have attended the Conflict Coaching and Mediation Training provided by Peacemaker Ministries and some are Certified Christian Conciliators.
  • Why would I use the process?
    Believers are encouraged to use the process out of obedience to God’s Word. Matthew 18:16 stipulates that one or two others are used to help parties settle unresolved disputes.
  • What kind of disputes do you mediate?
    All types of disputes are eligible for mediation, including marital conflict, contracts, property issues, or other relational issues, legal or non-legal.
  • Who will know that I requested that the conflict be mediated?
    The entire process is confidential and will not be shared with those who are not officially involved in the process.
  • How do I start the process?
    Complete the Intake Form online and then click submit, which will automatically send the form to the Reconciliation Ministry. You may also download the Intake Form and mail it to the attention of the Reconciliation Director at 1805 Westen St. or fax it to the Reconciliation Ministry at 270-781-4561
  • What if a person does not have a computer to access the Intake Form?
    A person may contact the Reconciliation Office at 270-282-2808 for an Intake Form to be mailed.
  • What happens after the Ministry receives my Intake Form?
    The other party will be contacted to also complete an Intake Form.
  • When will a meeting be scheduled?
    A meeting will be scheduled after both Intake Forms have been completed and returned to the Reconciliation Ministry.
  • How many meetings take place?
    Generally there are two meetings: (1) a pre-mediation coaching session held separately with each party and (2) the mediation held with both parties together. In some cases, depending on the complexity of cooperation of the parties, the mediation can take more than one meeting.
  • When are the meetings generally held?
    Our mediators are all volunteers, many of whom work during the day. To accommodate their schedules, most meetings are held in the evening at 6:30 pm.
  • How long will each meeting last?
    The pre-mediation coaching meeting lasts an average of two hours. However, a mediation can last up to five hours. Please eat dinner before coming.
  • What about child care?
    Child care is not provided.
  • What happens if I refuse to reconcile or make peace with the other party(ies)?
    It depends if a sin issue is involved. In that situation, church discipline may be appropriate.
  • What happens if we resolve the issue?
    God is well pleased that you have been obedient in restoring peace and harmony in the body. In addition, you and the other party will sign a written agreement as proof of your resolution.