Prayer Requests for the Week of 3/20/17

Prayer Requests for the Week of 3/20/17

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Personal Requests

Jeremie – Healing in my lungs; kids’ growth physically, mentally, and in their knowledge of God and Jesus – that they would have strong faith in Christ.

Jason: Pray for our worship pastor search team and the worship interim time to be blessed. Pray for a sunny relaxing spring break for our family.

Charity: Pray for my new friends Z and B, that The Lord will bring them to salvation. Also, for my husbands transition to a new job, that he will be a great new member of the team for the glory of God.

Mark – Please pray for my back to feel better. Ouch!

David- pray for ears to hear what the Lord would teach at a conference this week

Nathan- Pray Jn 3:30 with me and for me in absolutely every area of my life.

Troy – Pray for the Glory of God to seen by  my family.


Departmental Requests: Include dates, etc


Jeremie – Pray that God continues to draw people into community with fellow believers. Also pray that God raises up new small groups and new small group leaders.

Preschool – Continue to pray for more volunteers to serve at the 11:00 service hour and for plans to come together for upcoming activities.

Welcome Team/Guest follow up – Please pray for our Welcome Team luncheon that many more will be able to come, that I would share the vision faithfully and clearly and that our team members would have a great understanding of the “why?” of what we do as a team. Please also pray for volunteer recruitment for the additional Easter services and for a new team that is forming.

Elementary – Pray for the Spirit of the Lord to continue to move in the lives of young people and families in the children’s ministry.  


Tom and Carla

Please pray for Tom as he is currently traveling to Thailand for meetings and will return later this weekend.  Please pray for his health, wisdom and guidance, and smooth travel.  Please also pray for the girls and me as we hold down the fort here in the US while he’s away.


W&L – The Gateway City (for security reasons, I cannot share names on the internet)


Bryan LewisHope House.

Please pray for our current Jobs for Life Classes that have begun:

  • 14 Females enrolled at Warren County Jail
  • 13 students enrolled onsite at Hope House that graduate Thursday March 23 (3 of those are from our Program Living Ministry)

Please pray for our evening Faith and Finances Course that began on March 7.

  • We have 10 community participants! A few being husband and wife which is a big step for those families and our community!

Please pray for our Ready to Work Shuttle that is running 6 days a week.

  • We are currently in need of a few volunteers to be trained as Sub Shuttle Drivers. Pray the Lord would meet this need.

We are also needing the Lord to provide us with a couple people to serve as volunteer donation pick up drivers.

Please pray for our 5 Program Living Residents:

  • Anthony, working at Pan Oston, who is in the last phase of their 12 month programming
  • Derek and Kevin who are in phase 3 and both working
  • Tommy, Erin, Adam who are in phase 1 & 2. All working at New Creations Furniture Co.
  • Please pray for the 4 residents God is preparing to give us in the coming days.

Pray for our Cooking for Hope event on April 20. Pray God richly blesses this night!

Please pray for future development and growth of Hope House

Stuart and Jenny Borders – Church Planters in Atlanta, GA


Mark and Parker Phillips – Road to Karma

We are having a training on storying for about 30 of our believers next week. Please pray this will be a fruitful time and a useful tool for their ministries.


R&N – Lost Cities of Asia (for security reasons, I cannot share names on the internet).


1) Please pray for a new contact R recently made in a town with a local brother we had not met before.  We are both engaging the same area and hope to work together in the future. Pray for a deep and strategic partnership.

2) Our girls recently started at a local kindergarten.  We are hoping the girls will start to pick up some of the local language as well as develop friendships there that will open doors for us to share with local families.

3) Pray for many opportunities to share the good news as we enter into the easter season.


John and Abby FisherNorthern Plains


Thomas Weakley – Campus Crusade at WKU


Jacob and Cara Stevens – Portugal

We just finished up a week of distributing the 4 Gospels in the second official language of Portugal, Mirandês. We were able to visit a couple of villages, and then present the local high school with free copies of the books (as that is the only high school in Portugal that studies the language). We were also able to make great contacts with government officials and are eager to look into future outreaches in the area. Pray for the seeds that were planted, and the long work ahead to reach the Mirandesas.

Next week we are partnering with a nearby Portuguese church to use an American volunteer team for evangelism, training, and encouragement. Pray for the church in Aveiro as they reach out to the city, and for both the Americans and Portuguese to be encouraged by one another.

On a family-level, please pray for Elisabeth as she’s been having trouble sleeping well through the night. Less sleep makes for less endurance in a second culture. She’s also been slow to gain weight, which creates added stress and more doctor’s appointments. Pray for answers and wisdom, perseverance and contentment!


Justin Pate – Pastor, Redeemer Church

Pray for Redeemer as we work to finish the building for Easter. Also for planning and zoning meetings to go well and for certificate of occupancy


Living Hope Members:


Cindy asks that we pray for healing in her kidneys. She is in need of a donor and asks that we pray for her and that person.

Julie requests prayer for a friend that will be having brain surgery on 3/30.

Frank asks that we pray for Jack Kasee who is in the hospital in Cincinnati, with cancer.

Please pray for the family of Kathy Bridgeman as they are dealing with the loss of an aunt.

Please pray for Kennedy Morillo’s parents, for health and joy.

Kristen asks that we pray for her family.

Amanda Webb requests prayer for her brother who will be working out of town this week.

Dennis and Sharon Smith are beginning reconstruction, so pray that God would give them strength and endurance.

We have an unspoken prayer requests for family members to experience healing as well as forgiveness and conviction.

Please pray for Christine’s husband who is experiencing back difficulties.

Jennifer asks that we pray for her son, who is 2 and a half, and has severe food allergies. He will be going through food trials coming up.

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