Prayer Requests for the Week of 2/26/17

Prayer Requests for the Week of 2/26/17

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Personal Requests

Clay: Pray for Debbie and the team of Ladies in Thailand this week. Please pray for health, endurance and for the Spirit to move among those that they share with.

Chad: Pray for students to be bold in their witness for Jesus at school.

David: Praise for a great week of ministry in Southern Europe. Pray for wisdom in planning Equip Academy and Parent Training for the remainder of 2017.

Mark: Home today with the flu. Please pray for healing.

Jeremie: Praise for what God is doing among small groups. Prayer for wisdom and faith in ministry.

Jason: Pray that this new series will ignite a passion for worship in our congregation that honors God and gives hope to others. Pray for our worship pastor search and the leadership transition with Benny being redeployed to Local Impact.

Departmental Requests: Include dates, etc

Elementary: Pray earnestly for the elementary as we grow to send us laborers into our ministry. (Matthew 9:38)

Preschool: Same as elementary

Welcome Team/Guest Follow up – Please continue to pray for more people to step in to volunteer and leadership positions. Several have answered the call over the last month but we still have so many more that are needed.

Tom and Carla

Please pray for Tom as he is currently traveling to Thailand for meetings and will return later this weekend. Please pray for his health, wisdom and guidance, and smooth travel. Please also pray for the girls and me as we hold down the fort here in the US while he’s away.

W&L – The Gateway City (for security reasons, I cannot share names on the internet)

Bryan Lewis – Hope House.

Please pray for our current Jobs for Life Classes that have begun:
14 Females enrolled at Warren County Jail
16 students enrolled onsite at Hope House (3 of those are from our Program Living Ministry)
Please pray for our upcoming Faith and Finances Course that begins on March 7.
Please pray for our Ready to Work Shuttle that is running 6 days a week.
We are currently in need of a few volunteers to be trained as Sub Shuttle Drivers. Pray the Lord would meet this need.
We are also needing the Lord to provide us with a couple people to serve as volunteer donation pick up drivers.
Please pray for our 5 Program Living Residents:
Anthony, working at Pan Oston, who is in the last phase of their 12 month programming
Kevin who is in phase 3 working at Pan Oston
Derek, Erin, Adam who are in phase 1 & 2. All working at New Creations Furniture Co.
Please pray for the 4 residents God is preparing to give us in the coming days.
Please pray for future development and growth of Hope House

Stuart and Jenny Borders – Church Planters in Atlanta, GA

Mark and Parker Phillips – Road to Karma

We are having a training on storying for about 30 of our believers next week. Please pray this will be a fruitful time and a useful tool for their ministries.

R&N – Lost Cities of Asia (for security reasons, I cannot share names on the internet).

1) We have just arrived back on the field. Pray for us as we all settle back in and try to also hit the ground running in ministry as well.

2) This week kicks off Chinese New Year. This is a time when families all return home to be together for around 2 weeks. We are hoping we can maximize on this fact to build many new relationships as well as deepen existing ones.

3) Pray for clarity in future ministry opportunities among our people.

John and Abby Fisher – Northern Plains

Thomas Weakley – Campus Crusade at WKU

Jacob and Cara Stevens – Portugal

This weekend our team will be having a retreat for the purpose of looking forward to the next few months as well as mapping out our vision to see a church planted in our part of the city. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance as we look forward.

Justin Pate – Pastor, Redeemer Church

Living Hope Members:

Al Morel asks that we pray for Bruce LaMond with heart arrhythmia at Greenview hospital.

Susan Jackson requests prayer for LaDonna Hickman and these specific areas.
1. She will be genetically matched for drug cancer Rx.
2. Rx will start soon.
3. 5 tumors in lungs will not grow.

Please pray for Rita Schneider’s friend who is in the last stage of cancer right now.

Maris Shaw asks that we pray for the surgery coming up.

Amanda Webb is asking that we thankful God that His provision in providing her brother with a new job.

Mae Hutchins asks that we pray for Joey Gott, who has had two heart attacks recently.

Please pray for Jonathan Barnes who has spent some time in the ICU lately, but is steadily improving. Continue to pray for his health.

Lift up Cassandra Metz and everything that is going on around her. Pray that God would be at work in all areas of her life.

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