Prayer Requests for the Week of November 10th

Living Hope Staff:

  • Jason: bless my kids with wisdom and Godly friends.the healing of my father-in-law Larry Summar from cancer.
  • Dan: Bless my oldest son with salvation. Praise Him for Noah completing FPU at 16 and being grounded in the Word of God in all things!!
  • Benny – Please pray for endurance for all of the music and technical teams involved in preparing the Christmas services and programs.  There is a lot to learn and remember, and there is a lot of time involved in preparing.
  • David – prayer for finishing final details for Discovering Hope and for those potential members who will come.
  • Bill – mother-in-law Bobbie Jean Harbin, surgery
  • Ryan – continued prayer that my family would continue to our recovery from sickness
  • Cindy – praise for time of family prayer at Orphan Meal; pray for Advent celebration on November 20th – that God will be glorified;
  • Scott – energy for a busy week and good time management.
  • Mark – Continued healing for my hand and my daughter Megan’s knee. Also, that my family would be very intentional about interactions that we will have with other family members over the holidays, that we would have the opportunity to have Gospel conversations with lost family members.
  • Michael – Energy and focus for the coming months where physical rest will not be plentiful.
  • Jeff – Spiritual guidance as I finish out the 2014 planning
  • Jeremie – Focus and perspective during Advent season; Fruitful ministry; Family Health
  • Tyler – balancing the working of 50 or so hours a week plus a full time seminary load. That I would have the wisdom to not waste time in unnecessary areas.

Tom and Carla – SouthEast Asia

  • Please pray for little Emma to continue to make good, sweet friendships in Kindergarten.
  • Pray for all the girls to enjoy their learning this year whether homeschooled or at the international school.
  • Pray for wisdom and stamina for Carla as she teaches and guides each girl throughout their educational journey!
  • Pray for creative ways to outreach to our unbelieving friends and neighbors throughout this holiday season!

W&L – The Gateway City (for security reason, I cannot share names on the internet)

  • Praise for a great week of teaching/training/fellowship in Germany.
  • Praise for a fun 3 day family vacation!
  • Pray for renewed energy and motivation in language learning.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment as we seek to start a new group.

Bryan Lewis – Hope House

  • Pray God provides us the needed gifts and volunteers for Affordable Christmas on Dec. 7.
  • Pray for two jobs for life student who will be released this week or next from jail. Pray they will have strength to get connected with us soon once being released and They will see that only Jesus can satisfy and not their previous way of life as they will be tempted.
  • Pray for a Jobs for Life grad as he is interviewing Monday and is waiting to hear back from another interview he had last week.

Stuart and Jenny Borders, Church Planters in Atlanta, GA

  • Please pray for planning and preparation for 2014. We expect it to be a big year both in our family and in the church.  Will you pray that God would give us clear direction in a few areas and provide strength and resources needed to accomplish His goals!
  • Pray for Jenny as she is now into the third trimester. Pray for her health and stamina.  Pray for baby Ben to continue to grow and develop!  Pray for Ella, Spencer, Kate, and Josiah as well that God would be at work in their lives to understand the scriptures and His grace for them.

Bryan Veatch – FCA director, South Central Kentucky

  • no requests given for this week

Mark and Parker Phillips – Road to Karma

  • Pray for a team from Texas who arrives this week.  We’ll be working on a building project with a school in the bush.  Pray for this school which, while trying to educate over 300 students, has 1 textbook and 3 notebooks for the entire school (teachers & students!!!).  Pray that we’ll be able to encourage them and also for safety as we’ll be camping out several nights in an increasingly less safe area.
  • Pray for a scouting trip to find Songhai in Benin that we’ll be preparing for soon.  They are completely unengaged and unreached and, to our knowledge, have never had any Gospel presence.

R&N – Lost Cities of Asia – (for security reason, I cannot share names on the internet)

  • Pray for safe travel as they start the trek back home for their stateside assignment and some rest.

John and Abby Fisher – Northern Plains

  • I have started doing some recruitment for some families to come and join us In the mission. Pray for the Lord’s leading
  • Pray for the families in our church to grow in depth together and their faith.
  • The outreach on halloween was awesome we were blown away by what God is doing with us reaching the community.

Thomas Weakley – Campus Crusade at WKU

  • Thank you so much for your prayers last week.  The Lord worked in great ways through the Billy Graham My Hope outreach.  Honestly we were a little apprehensive in how College students would respond to a video presentation for 30 minutes but as we watched the room fill up,  it was very evident that the Lord had his hand on this evening.  Nearly 400 students filled the room as we began the Billy Graham video.  The students were completely focused throughout the entire time.   After the video,  one of our staff members Tim Stover led them through a time of prayer and decision.  Fourteen students indicated that they placed their trust in Christ, another 31 indicated that they wanted to get “off the Fence”  with God. God is at work.
  • Please pray for the follow up of these students who made or desired to make a decision for Christ.
  • Please pray for me (Thomas)  I have a kidney stone that is very large.  We are praying that it will pass without having to have surgery.  Thank you!

Departmental Prayers:

  • Welcome Team/Newcomers – Praise God for Team meetings that went well yesterday. Pray for the meetings that are coming up this week. I really want for team members to understand the vision of the Welcome Team and to know how much we appreciate their faithful service.
  • CC- Hoops season is super busy. Pray for relationships to form among our people and their teammates. Pray that our people would seek to build relationships for the sake of the gospel.

Living Hope Members:

  • Please pray for God’s provision for Tracey Embry who is in need of financial resources to see and doctor and get a MRI due to an injured shoulder.
  • James Smith requests prayer for himself and co-workers as he is sharing his witness for Christ with them.
  • Sofia asks us to pray for Mr. Tim’s (Booth) legs and for her grandpa (Jessie Baird) due to him having cancer.
  • Shelly Veatch requests prayer for Alan Bush’s father and sister as they are on mission in Kenya. Shelly also requests prayer for her mom, Ina Bucklew, who has cancer and is in rehab. Pray for strength and determination to reach her goal to be able to live independently again.
  • Amanda Shallcross requests prayer for herself and her husband to be able to conceive a child and for the birth of their future children.
  • Jim gives thanks for God healing his brother-in-law Ernie; he asks for prayer for his niece who having back surgery 11/15 and pray salvation for his in-laws.
  • Rayne Falls offers praise that Evan’s procedure went well and the pain and discomfort was low.
  • Becky Bruce requests prayer for Barbara Broom who has recently suffered a heart attack; she is doing well at this time.
  • Randall and Tracy Dyer requests prayer for his father, Randall Dyer, who is suffering from complications of chemo and radiation for lung cancer.
  • Connie Laffin requests prayer for her sister-in-law, Mary Naegeli, who has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. Please pray for strength and comfort as she begins chemo and radiation.
  • Nicole Shores requests prayer for Christi Bryan Shores, Brenda and Jason Shores, Jan Gilles and for Mike and Connie Case.
  • Leny Hanson requests prayer for his family and the people in the Philippines.
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