Prayer from the week of August 25th

Living Hope Staff:

  • Jason: Pray for a strong fall in the church as we reach out to our family and friends with The Story.  Praying for more leaders to rise up as mentors.
  • Dan: Praise for a visit to hearing aid specialist who found that I had regained about 15% of the hearing in my left ear. He has fitted me with an aid that should help balance the sound and reduce my fatigue. So far it is helping and I am thanking my great God!!!
  • Benny –  Please pray for wisdom for me as I encounter an intense time of planning for future services and programs.
  • David – Please pray for godly wisdom & patience to prayerfully strategize our most effective next steps in growing and developing disciples who make disciples
  • Bill – Pray for my daughter, Katy
  • Ryan – Pray for Evie Jo, we are going to Vanderbilt this coming Wednesday (28th) to have a scope procedure in order to possibly find answers as to why she is staying constipated
  • Cindy – 3 of my grandchildren are in school this year – 2 are kindergarteners – pray for a love for learning, kind friends, growth in listening and learning, understanding teachers, peace in the hearts of their moms. My granddaughter Jaya is a new kindergartner and she has significant food allergies – pray additionally for her safety. My daughter Jordan and her husband AJ are opening their home to foster care in September – please pray for her family – they have 2 children(Jesse is 2 1/2 and Eden Joy is 6 months) – that God would  give them joy in fostering and energy and renewal to minister the gospel.
  • Scott – Pray for continued health and strength as Tiffany and continue to train for a marathon.
  • Mark – My hand surgery comes up 9/18. Since it is my right hand and I am right-handed please pray for an extra speedy recovery. Please also pray for my daughter Megan and her continued recovery from knee surgery.
  • Michael –  Sick kids.
  • Jeremie – sick kiddo, continued prayer for wisdom and vision in ministry and in leading my household, prayer for Hopers in need of healing
  • Jeff – I went to a great workshop last week on church planting.  Pray for vision as I ponder how Living Hope can plant more Christ centered churches.
  • Tyler – We have had many new students attending Living Hope for the first time, I would just have you pray for them as they are debating on which church to get involved at in town. That the question would not be “do I get involved in a church,” but rather that they would ask “Which Church do I begin serving at?” Also if you could just be praying for the campus overall that would be great.

Tom and Carla – SouthEast Asia

  • Please pray for the local foster home where we volunteer- the host family is on stateside for six months and the precious little children are doing well, but are missing their “mommy, daddy, and sisters” greatly.  Pray for the children’s good health and safety, pray for their hearts to be comforted and settled as they grow and learn more and more about their Heavenly Father each day.

W&L – The Gateway City (for security reason, I cannot share names on the internet)

  • We’ve had a wonderful time with Laura’s parents!!! They leave on Monday and it will be hard goodbyes for all of us. Pray for a safe trip home for them and for us as we return to our normal schedule.
  • Our boys will start back to preschool on Sept. 3rd after having had a month off. Pray for an easy transition back for them and that they would make progress in learning the language and making friends!

Bryan Lewis – Hope House

  • Pray for our search for a new director of operations as Jon has taken a job at WKU. We are grateful for his time at Hope House and very sad about his departure.
  • Pray for Bryan, Jody, volunteers and board as we juggle the absence of a director of operations.
  • Pray for our Faith and Finances students as they are in week four of twelve.
  • Pray for a JfL student who is looking for permanent employment.
  • Praise, God is truly blessing the community store each day it is open. We have been blessed with a lot of great volunteers.
  • Praise, the Hope House golf scramble raised a little over $7k this past weekend! We are humbled and grateful for each participant, volunteer, hole sponsor and door prize donator! It was an AWESOME day!

Stuart and Jenny Borders, Church Planters in Atlanta, GA

  • Yesterday we launched a bible study in our home with three neighbors.  Three others were unable to make it this time. Please pray for a specific couple that was unable to attend, M & B, that the Spirit would give them comfort to join us.  Pray also that other neighbors that we have been building relationships with will be open to being a part of the study as well.
  • Continue to pray for our kids as they have all begun a new rhythm of school and are enjoying it. Pray they would excel and begin to develop friendships at their schools.

Bryan Veatch – FCA director, South Central Kentucky

  • Please pray that the FCA Huddles (clubs) will have a gospel-impact on our public school, Jr. High & Sr. High Campuses.
  • Please also pray for the chaplains working with our local sports teams
  • Please continue to remember my mother-in-law (multi myloma cancer ) and for Shelly’s 24/7 care for her mom, Ina Bucklew.

Mark and Parker Phillips – Road to Karma

  • Pray for Parker who gave birth this week to a new son:)
  • Pray for two new believers who came to faith during a short term trip from living hope. Pray for them to stand strong in the face of persecution they are undoubtedly facing,

R&N – Lost Cities of Asia – (for security reason, I cannot share names on the internet)

  • PR for the work with our team this week
  • R is also starting the school year next week.  PR for him and his students.  PR that he might have a chance to share with some who are open.

John and Abby Fisher – Northern Plains

  • For this week it has been really exciting to start to develop a key leader in the church, Bennie, he had his first opportunity to teach this past week and it went really well. We are gearing up for a fall mission team so continuing to look for areas of lostness we can tap into. Also please pray for all the new college students back in town, pray that we would impact them for the name of Jesus!

Thomas Weakley – Campus Crusade at WKU

  • Please pray for the first week of classes on the Hill.
  • Last week we took a spiritual interest survey with 800 new freshman, a very large percentage are wanting more information about a relationship with God.  One hundred freshman came to our first freshman meeting.  Our First fellowship meeting is Thursday August 29th.  PLease join us as we pray that 400 students will show up for our first meeting.  Also please pray that we will be able to follow-up the 100 freshman who came last week and that we can share the love of Christ with all of the interested students who took the survey.

Departmental Prayers:

  • Mark – Exterior building signage and wayfinding signage installs will begin soon. Please pray for this project to go smoothly and for our guests to be able to navigate the church property easily. Please pray also for additional team members for our Guest Parking team.
  • Administration: Pray for help maintaining the web site with current info and for me completing the detail behind the strategic plan this week.
  • Adult Discipleship:  Please pray for placement of many who want to connect with a small group ans for our fall semester of EQUIP, which begins Sept.8
  • Students – Wednesday evening STATUS has been amazing! Please pray that our students would continue to seek God’s face through worship and be successful in bringing their unchurched friends this week to “Target Night”.
  • College worship begins this Wednesday. We had about 150 students here Sunday for worship and Abf. Pray that they return on Wednesday!
  • Children’s Ministry – praise for effective preschool training on Saturday; praise for one additional male shepherd for BRIDGE ministry; continue to pray for the planning and recruitment for Sunday Night stuff; continue to pray for Nathan as he waits for travel dates; pray for God to provide “mentor moms” for our MOPS ministry to re-launch in January.
  • CC- Pray for Michael’s meetings with folks regarding our county basketball involvement. Pray that we all catch the vision.

Living Hope Members:

  • Christie Wiley requests prayer for Harold McIntyre who is in critical condition in the hospital and needs a quadruple heart bypass.
  • Lisa Chapman requests prayer for Florence Bratcher whose husband passed away unexpectedly recently.
  • Jennifer Smith requests prayer for her grandfather, Robert Montana, has recently learned that his cancer has spread to the liver, he will start chemo soon.
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