Why Are Those Cars at the School?

Everyday, I drive by many of our schools in Bowling Green.  Recently, I have noticed many cars parked at these buildings at various times.  It is odd, because in my mind, it is still summer.  Find out, these cars are those of teachers.  These teachers are getting their classrooms ready for the upcoming school year.  I respect teachers so much.  They are dedicating their lives to educating the young.  They give of their own money and time to help make a difference in a life.  We all need to pray for these dedicated academic servants.  Pray for wisdom as they teach, care, and guide our youth as they develop their understanding of the world.  Pray for the Christian teachers that they will be sensitive to sharing the Gospel when the opportunity arises.  Pray for strength as they deal with difficult children, administrative challenges, and teaching five days a week.

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