Prayer Requests for the week of May 19th

Living Hope Staff:

  • Jason: Thankful for all of the family dedications, graduates, and people on mission in the last two weeks.  Praying for a great summer of growing in Christ and reaching our community through Back Yard Bible Clubs and all the other ways Hopers are sharing Jesus in our city.
  • Dan: Please pray for Noah as he counts down to his surgery on June 11th. He needs strength day by day to get through that day. Thank you
  • Benny –  Please pray for the Jamaica team to be able to focus as we prepare for our upcoming trip.  We desire that this be a life-changing time as we engage in Kingdom work.
  • Bill – Pray for my nephew John Louis as he is going through a hard time in life
  • Ryan – Pray for good time management as we enter into a busy summer within student ministry
  • Cindy – Praise for a great Thailand trip. Pray for the upcoming BYBC neighborhood outreach. Pray for granddaughter Holly Mae for an upcoming adenoid surgery on June 3rd.
  • Scott – Pray for adequate time to prepare my sermon for this Sunday.
  • Mark –  Please pray for my hand to heal well after surgery and for my daughter Megan who was injured her knee at her track meet Friday, may be an ACL and out for a year.
  • Michael –  pray for my family during allergy season. It’s been worse this year it seems.
  • Jeremie – Traveling mercies May 20th-23rd as I travel to Chicago for a tech conference
  • Jeff – Pray for me as I continue to get used to being on this timezone.

Tom and Carla – SouthEast Asia

  • Yes, please pray for continued guidance and for wisdom concerning our girls’ schooling decisions.  Also, pray for our girls to finish well this school year and for good time management with all the assignments they still have to complete!
  • Praise!  Our vision team had safe and smooth travels and now have quite a lot to consider as they seek His will for future ministry in this part of the world!

W&L – The Gateway City (for security reason, I cannot share names on the internet)

  • Our first year on the field is devoted to language and cultural acquisition. Pray that we will learn the language well. This will play a large part in determining how well we thrive here and how we are able to reach others.
  • Continue to pray for boys to adjust to school. They are doing better!
  • Thank you for praying for our residency permits. We got them last week!!! This allows us to stay in the country for a year. Next year we will start the process again!
  • Pray for our language teacher G. He is facing some spiritual attacks from Satan. He is a strong believer who ministers and helps multiple m’s and also has ministry work of his own. He is also unemployed as a result of the economic crisis in this country.

Bryan Lewis – Hope House

  • Pray for our Jobs for Life volunteers in the jail as they are preparing for a June 6 start for the next men’s class.
  • Praise for a Jobs for life and Faith and Finances participant who was saved by God two weeks ago. Pray he will persevere and continue to stay connected at Christ Fellowship, one of our partners and the church he is attending.
  • Pray for several of our Jobs for Life participants as they are searching for employment.

Stuart and Jenny Borders, Church Planters in Atlanta, GA

  • Please continue to pray for our launch strategy as there are many pieces and we are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance so that we might be faithful to what He has called us to West Highlands for. Pray specifically, for clarity and conviction with the strategy.
  • We have been able to followup with a few of our friends following our derby party.  Please continue to pray for continued opportunities to connect with them and extended opportunities through meals or playtimes at the park so we can continue to invest in them.
  • Pray also as we are connecting in with the management companies for our neighborhood and the apartment complexes in our neighborhood.  Pray for receptive hearts to the work God has called us to here and that they might partner with us to see a church planted in West Highlands.
  • Finally, pray for God to draw us towards a person/family of peace in our neighborhood that would want to work with us to see His Kingdom come into West Highlands. We are eager to find co-laborers here.

Bryan Veatch – FCA director, South Central Kentucky

  • Please continue to pray for my mother-in-law, Ina Bucklew.  As you may or may not know, Ina lives with our family and has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer and begin’s radiation today, 2x/day.  My wife Shelly is really caring a great deal of the support role and i pray for her strength as well.
  • FCA is preparing for 60,000 campers at 400 FCA Sports & Leadership Camps this Summer.  Please pray for our area as we seek to send 500 athletes and coaches from our area despite falling considerably short of our camp scholarship goal.
  • Please continue to pray for Andrew Hammond as he and Amy Uhlman consider marriage.
  • Also, please pray for Deanna’s support raising efforts as she needs another 10 monthly supporters at $50/month to begin part time.

Mark and Parker Phillips – Road to Karma

  • Pray for team as they show Jesus film in 2 villages
  • Pray for follow up on 5 new believers in a new area of work

R&N – Lost Cities of Asia – (for security reason, I cannot share names on the internet)

  • Pray for us as we lead a volunteer team this week.  Pray that many would hear the good news and accept JC as Lord.
  • Pray for R as he finishes up teaching for the school year this week.
  • Pray that we would continue to bold in sharing the good news and wise in training local believers.

John and Abby Fisher – Northern Plains

  • We need prayer for some leadership development opportunities coming up. We have some up and coming leaders that I am pouring into a lot.
  • Please pray for even more times to share with others.
  • Pray that some of the people that have come and gone from Sojourn that we would be effective in reaching out to them.

Tim Brown – Uprising (Men’s Ministry)

  • Please pray for the foundation meeting on June 2 for new men in the Murfreesboro area to start new fire teams.

Thomas Weakley – Campus Crusade at WKU

  • Pray for stamina for the mission trip we are currently on.
  • Pray for wisdom as i teach the students and staff while on this project.
  • Pray for needed financial support for our summer mission trips.

Departmental Prayers:

  • CC- Pray for our bball camp out at Warren Elementary beginning in June. Pray for gospel fruit among the families and children of that community.
  • Admin—Pray for ADP Pastor David Head to sell his home in Shelbyville and transition smoothly to BG. Praise Him as they have found a home here. Thanks
  • Mark – Pray for clarity in developing the newcomer processes and for more people to step up to serve in  the Welcome Team ministry.

Living Hope Members:

  • Jeremy Knois requests prayer for his 19 year old nephew who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Pray for his well-being as he endures this illness and help him to put his entire trust in his new Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Byron Hunt asks that we pray for him and his teenage son to find affordable housing in the South Warren School District.
  • Matthew Wisniewski requests prayer for his children, Jonah and Emma, as they move to New York to go school there. Pray Jesus will become more real to them.
  • Penny Downey requests prayer for a dear friend. Please pray for her newly saved friend; pray she will stay strong in Jesus and have the strength to stay away from her abuser and enjoy her new life with Jesus.
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