Prayer Requests from Staff, Partners, Departments, and Attenders for week of 11/5


Living Hope Staff:


  • Jason– Please pray for me. I will be providing the Convention Sermon on Tuesday at the annual Kentucky Baptist Convention in Lexington.
  • Mark – Pray for Evangelistic time with a couple this Friday night. Please pray for their salvation.
  • Bill – Pray a missionary friend he has in New York City
  • Cindy – pray for Bill’s and my trip to Taiwan – preparation  ministry opportunities, serving alongside of Toby and Lisa; be encouraging partners; furthering the gospel
  • Scott – Pray for the upcoming girls Planted event this weekend.
  • Dan – Pray for my son Noah who is having some testing done to identify an ongoing health concern.
  • Benny – Pray for wisdom and discernment on how and when to lead the choir on mission in 2013
  • Jeff – Pray for God’s guidance as I prayerfully prepare for the 2013 missions calendar
  • Michael – Pray for his mom who is having double knee replacement in December.  Also pray for a man who plays basketball at the CC to have a successful leg surgery and that he will have a speedy recovery.
  • Ryan – Pray for the youth who went to the retreat that the Holy Spirit will work through what they learned
  • Matt – Pray for the Discovering Hope class this Sunday as potential members learn more  about Living Hope.



Living Hope Partners:


  • W&L– The Gateway City (for security reason, I cannot share names on the internet)
    • Continued prayers for good relationships with our neighbors. We met with our Iraqi neighbors this weekend for tea in our home and it went well. He wants to introduce us to another Iraqi family in our neighborhood. Pray that we will be bold to share and that they would have open hearts.
  • Bryan Lewis– Hope House
    • Pray for 8 female Jobs for Life students at the warren county jail as they will be graduating the program
    • Pray God would provide us the needed gifts for Affordable Christmas
    • Staff members, Bryan Lewis and Jon Merkling, have two weeks left in the semester. Pray for faithful diligence in their schoolwork and time.
  • Stuart and Jenny Borders, Church Planters in Atlanta, GA
    • Continue to pray for our home to sell,
    • For a thanksgiving dinner outreach with Stuart’s coworkers
    • For a holiday open house we are planning for our neighbors.



  • Bryan Veatch – FCA director
    • I just spent a very challenging week at the FCA National Support Center in Kansas City, MO being better equipped to do FCA Camps Ministry.  FCA Started from its 1st camp in 1954 and has grown to 52,000 campers in 2012.  We are praying to see our local coaches and athletes that attend FCA camps, clinics and conferences to go from nearly 500 in 2012 to 1,000 in 2013.
    • We are also expanding our reach among women’s teams with the addition of our 1st ever-female staff person.
    • I am praying for greater patience, focus, discipline and vision as I am being challenged to lead a growing staff



  • Mark and Parker Phillips– Road to Karma
    • Ongoing process of searching for a location for the HUB.
      More national partners to rise up.  We will be having a recruiting meeting soon for those interested in partnering with our ministry.  Pray for God to raise up some young, godly men with a heart for the lost out of the Niamey churches.



  • R&N – Lost Cities of Asia– (for security reason, I cannot share names on the internet)
    • Recently we have had more and more accounts of the cult I mentioned before attacking other House Churches (HC) in the city.  They are specifically targeting young people as, if they are brought into the cult, they can do the most damage to other HCs.  Pray that the HCs would be able to train their people in the truth and that no more HCs would fall to this false teaching.
    • Pray for two men that I disciple.  Pray for them to have wisdom in leadership and for their HCs to grow strong and embrace a vision to grow deeper in the Truth and to multiply.
    • The cult has now found a leadership position in the government-approved church which means they are now allowed to pass out their literature relatively freely with no repercussions.  They are passing out this false teaching and telling people this is Christianity.  PR that one way or another they will be stopped.  We are hoping that the govt. church will see their danger and the govt. itself will then come down on them hard.



  • John and Abby Fisher – Northern Plains



    • We will be doing a lot of traveling this week and I am a little under the weather it would be awesome to get some prayer for this. Also for helpers with the kids we have coming, we are in major need of people to join with us ministering to our kids at Lifehouse!



  • Tim Brown– Uprising (Events to pray for)
    • No new prayer requests




  • Thomas Weakley
    • Please continue to pray for complete healing of Thomas’ back injury!
    • Please pray for the International Thanksgiving Dinner we are having at our home on Sunday Nov. 11th we will be hosting 35-45 international students for a traditional thanksgiving meal Sunday evening.  During this time we will share why as Christians we are thankful to God because of Christ.  We should have students from Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and potentially other places




Departmental Prayers:



  • Women’s Ministry – Pray for the upcoming Lysa TerKeurst conference on Nov 9th.  Currently, there is over 700 ladies coming to grow in Christ.
  • Student Ministry Girls Planted Event 5:30-7:00pm this Sunday in the Student center
  • Christmas Kick-Off Concert (Dec 2) – This is a great event to ask all our friends to. Pray for all the preparations and participants involved in the program.
  • Pray for all the ministers, elders, and trustees as they develop the budget for 2013.
  • Pray for the New Members class on Nov 11
  • Outreach opportunities for our families – strong participation and children growing in their understanding of serving – OCC, GFC, Affordable Christmas
  • Pray for the preparation time for Advent Celebration scheduled for November 28th



Living Hope Members:


  • Becky Bruce request prayer for the family of Ted Hanekamp, who lost his battle with cancer and passed away last week. She also appreciates all the prayers that were sent up on his behalf the past 1-1/2 years.
  • Kayce Kirkpatrick requests prayer for her 15 yr. old cousin who is on life support in St. Louis.  The doctors have tried to take her off but her lungs are not working on their own and her heart is swollen. She also has suffered a stroke.
  • Danielle Cunningham requests prayer for her son Nathanial who is struggling in his young walk with Jesus. He knows Jesus is his Savior but needs strength to make decisions that please God and bring Him glory.
  • Elizabeth Lyons requests prayer for herself as she leaves Sunday, Nov. 11, for Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She will be there for approximately a week.
  • Logan West requests prayers for James and Fraser for encouragement while they are in Scotland. Also for Drew, Owen and Ethan for their salvation.
  • Tedd Smith request prayers for his children, Kristen & Kyle. Pray for their salvation and that the open their hearts to the Lord.
  • Susie Moews requests prayer for Stacey Varnes, who is having a kidney removed on Nov. 19. Pray that God will be with her and the doctors to bring her through this. Surgery will be inPeoria, IL.
  • JoEllen Franks requests prayer for her uncle, Randlell Brooks. He has the mentality of a 7 year old and has been under the car of his sister for years. He has recently been diagnosed with progressed cancer and it is terminal. The doctors estimate he only has a few weeks to live. Pray for peace and comfort for Randell and his family.
  • Brad Young requests prayers for his uncle, Frank Smith, Who had open heart surgery Monday, Nov. 5 in Evansville, IN. Pray for his healing and also for a relationship with God.
  • Nicole Shores requests prayers for Tommy and Brenda Shores (cancer); for Debbie Kennedy (illness); Misty Buskill & family (to come back to church).


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