West Africa Update

From Stuart, the team leader (for security reasons, names of cities and people are changed):

Things are going great here. We have spent one whole day and and a morning in “B”.  It has been great for the guys to spend time with “Sam” studying scripture and encouraging him.  We have spent sometime prayer walking as well and shared the creation to the cross story with several. The girls have been working with the evangelism track. They will teach two stories and do a craft each day. They have seen some great fruit from getting to do these crafts. Women have been sharing and answering questions. “Sam’s” wife an unbeliever,  when she was done with her craft came into the room beaming ear to ear and showed everyone her painting. She was so proud.

Yesterday we got rained out in the afternoon, so today we will go to “B” in the morning and then “K” and “T” in the afternoon.

I don’t know if you are friends with any of the team on facebook, but they are putting up some funny comments.  Last night, the girls AC went out and they were bantering back and forth via facebook.

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