Prayer for Monday – Scotland Update

Our week in review


The end of the school year has come. Today is Calderglen’s last day of school, and therefore our last day in the schools. This week we have tried to branch out more in the classes we attend in order to try and meet even more kids, and thus make more connections that will hopefully carry over into the summer. On Monday we had an assembly and all got to share a bit of our testimonies about how we came to Christ, and why we are in Scotland this summer. Thursday was the school’s official fun day; there were inflatables and karaoke, and it was fun to get to talk to the kids outside of their classes for longer bits of time. Today of course is the last day, and we watched some of the students in a student vs. teacher football (soccer) match, and then went to a local bakery and got lunch and just hung out with the kids. Pray that the relationships we have forged these past three weeks will continue to form and grow now that school is out and we might not see them as much, and pray for us as we help lead a couple of events at Calderwood Baptist this coming week.


Hello! We are still here! It’s just that we’ve been really quite busy this past week with school and such. But enough of that… This week has been a bit of a blur–having seemed to breeze right by. Sunday was church in the morning and evening at Calderwood Baptist Church (CBC). Monday through this morning/afternoon was the last week of school for the kids. That said, this week has been rather entertaining for me. Last week, I began just hoping into classes instead of taking breaks–curiosity compelled me to sit in on other year groups and subjects. For this week, I continued the trend–finding myself in classes ranging from second to sixth year students. Monday was my PE day this week. I played rounders–kind of like softball–with all three PE classes that day. In all three cases, the classes were quite good fun. Tuesday and Wednesday, I was in my RMPS class for second years where we completed the section in the class that focuses on Christianity and the character and teachings of Jesus. Yesterday, I managed to get into an advanced maths class for some of the upper-classmen. That class was really quite fun. Kareoke and inflatables followed for the rest of the day. Yes, AJ and I got up and rocked some Achey Breaky Heart in front of the high schoolers…Epic! That’s pretty much it for this week from me…

I really must say though that: being in Calderglen HS has been a real treat for me (and I would wager all of us) in the sense that I have been able to share with so many students the reason for our being in Scotland–that reason being: to get to know the high schoolers, to inform them of our internship with CBC, to invite them to the church, and–should they allow us to do so–to share our faiths–our personal relationships with Jesus Christ–with them. Paraphrasing George Whitfield, far be it from me to deny my God His glory by holding my toungue silent on matters of the Kingdom from anyone to whom I am near for any longer than 15 minutes.

And so, I would ask continued prayer for these high schoolers that we have been meeting–for the continued openness of their hearts and minds. Also, please pray for strength for the team as we continue our missions into East Kilbride. Thank you for your prayers!

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