France Update part 5

We had another great day in France.  As usual, we started our day off at 11:30 am.  Mainly because we are all sleeping.  We drove to different city where we had lunch with a house church family.  They provided us with a five course meal.  The French enjoy their eating experience.

We had a concert 45 minutes down the road in a catholic church.  The church was beautiful.  It was on peninsula surrounded by water.  We has some trouble setting up.  There was  a film crew filming a movie in the facility that surrounded the church and we had to wait a little and when we could set-up we had to be quiet.

The concert went well.  Some people came from the first city we played at.  I am amazed at how God is making an impact through the music.  One would think that since they don’t understand the words…the wouldn’t understand the message.  But the Spirit is working in a powerful way.  The team has given powerful testimonies through translators.  What a great night.  The team has really bonded well.  Today, I think we laughed through half of it.

Please pray that tomorrow we will have strength and that the Spirit will continue to move in the lives of the French.  Please pray for John Perkins, the missionary, as he shares the plan of salvation at the end of our concert on Thursday.


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