West Africa Report part 2

Things are going well. one of the team who was sick is finally better. She missed the first two days of ministry, but has been with us for the trip to “A” and today back in “B”. She was in good spirits about it though, just frustrated it took her so long to recover. It is so hot here!

We have had three solid days in “B”. Two of us have been meeting with “S”, the believer in “B.” We have been going over lessons from the E2E. He is soaking it in. He is able to repeat the lessons back to us the following day. The missionary has been blown away at his ability to retain knowledge. We went ahead and started the church lessons today. Tomorrow we are having church with him, to model it. So, tomorrow we are having the first church service in “B”… ever! “S” has been reading the Bible to his wife at night, so this encouraged the missionary that “S” is serious. We have also been encouraged that he walks with us through the village. He walks with us, Bible in hand. The missionary says he is “dirtying” himself by walking with the Christians.

The girls have had great visits with probably a hundred women by now. They have been welcomed in most homes and will gather a crowd! They have been sharing the C2C with as many people as will listen. They are already known throughout the village. They have been given local names. Kids ask us where they are while we are walking with “S”, we point in their direction and they take off running!

Yesterday we visited “A” and the believers there. We were encouraged to hear the testimonies of two believers. We met with them for a few hours, had lunch, and came on back. It was a really long drive and an extremely hot day. The heat is overwhelming. Today we ran out of water and had to come back early.

This afternoon we traveled to “K” to meet with the lone believer there, and the national partner living there. We met the man of peace who has offered a room to the national partner. He had been kicked out of 2 previous rooms. This man is truly a man of peace. He is the chief’s uncle, so carries a lot of weight. He has caught flack over letting the Christian live there, but he is firm in his defense of him. It was neat to have them all sitting together, the man of peace, the national partner staying in his home despite persecution, and the lone believer. We did not visit “T” because we ran out of water.

Tomorrow we have our last day in “B”.

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