Day 3 from the Greece Team

Our hotel has a great breakfast buffet, so we got some good fuel in us to start our morning. I got a good night’s sleep (thanks to 1/2 an Ambian at 11 p.m and another 1/2 at 3:30 am!). I think the main reason we woke up was because our room was SOO hot…unfortunately, they are on centralized air and we can’t adjust.

We had a neat worship experience. The music was beautiful…sang some familiar hymns…and we were able to wear headphones and hear everything in English. He preached on Heb. 10:19-26 about why we have hope. We also shared communion with them.

We went to a neat mall and had lunch. Our stomachs needed a break from Greek food, so I had Taco Bell with a couple, a couple had KFC, a few had Asian, and the rest had crepes.

We headed to the Acropolis, but it had just closed, so we made up our own exploration tour around part of the city. We saw some ruins, National Gardens, some markets (Sunday is the big market day), the Parliament building and saw the changing of the guards, old churches, and other things that we don’t really know what they were, but were neat…It was an action packed day.

We came back and had dinner near the hotel (3 braved a new restaurant…the rest went to the yummy place we ate yesterday, but we all had great food again. Hopefully the gazillion times I climbed the hotel stairs and all the walking we did today will help keep me from gaining too much weight…

We spent the rest of the evening prepping for work with refugees. We have a morning and afternoon session tomorrow.

Hoping for a good night’s rest for another exciting day!

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